by Shayne Traviss

“To put yourself as the priority in your own life is the greatest gift you can give the world.

After a series of events in my life culminating with the loss of 2 friends far too soon, I questioned whether I was living the life I had always envisioned. Living my life on my terms could wait no longer. Along came Shayne Traviss to assist me through that journey.

Each day I delved further into the aspects of my life that get me off track of what fills my cup. I was challenged by my own perceptions about how I was living my life. Being off social media for 21 days allowed me to focus on me.

I now have a map and direction of where I am going towards living my life to the fullest.

Do yourself a favour and put yourself as a priority in your own life.  Shayne Traviss will help you make it happen!”

Brenda Bryson

“It’s incredibly that my life could change over 21 days and yet it has. I started this journey to focus on my happiness and future success. After working with Shayne, I’m creating a plan to accomplish my dreams.  I now understand the meaning of the statement “Everything you are searching for is already within you.”  Once you block out the many distractions of life and really focus on you, your perception of life and your place in it will never be the same. Here is what I have experienced during and after working with Shayne: Calmness, Less Worry, Less Anxiety, Less Tension, Less Fear, Less Resistance to doing what I know I should or should not do, Answers coming easily to me, Eating better food for my body & well being. Make the decision to jump on board and never look back!”

Linda Wheeler Williams

“As a wife, a mother of four boys, a business owner, a caregiver, and not to mention the endless other roles that I take on, I was at a point of losing myself.  My decisions were no longer mine, my time was no longer mine, and my feelings and thoughts were being compromised by everything else that began controlling my life.

After a life changing journey to South Africa with the Vivid Life travel group, I began a journey of transformation.  I realized that my inner light was still shinning bright but was being dulled by everything else that I allowed control my thoughts, emotions and ultimately my life.

When I returned from South Africa I was gifted with more self-realizations and I recognized that when standing in my truth, the universe collaborates with you in so many ways.  I then made the conscious decision to take my journey a few steps deeper by working with Shayne Traviss.

Shayne encouraged me to take 21 days and focus on beginning to create a balance in my life so that I can fit the roles I choose to participate in, into my life, and rid myself of the anxiety, stress, guilt, and preconceived ideas and thoughts that were controlling my life and ultimately make time for ME.

I am beginning to find myself again and allowing my light to shine! I have realized that it is all about having balance and when you are in alignment with all the things that fill you up as a person, you are then able to walk through life with joy, clarity and purpose.  I know I am not alone in feeling like you are losing yourself, working with Shayne is a gift that you can give yourself that will ultimately create a ripple effect in all areas of your life!

I promise you!

Thank you, Shayne, for guiding me towards creating a life of balance and realizing the importance in restoring my inner self.  This shift has helped me include and prioritize self-care so that I can continue to be my best self in all the roles that I chose to participate in on my life journey!”

Eloise Morrison

“They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Perhaps the life changing journey also begins while adventuring with Shayne Traviss on one of his epic trips. I cannot begin to explain the impact on my heart and soul. Every sense was touched, and lasting impressions will forever be imbedded in my mind. I am a better person for having experienced the beauty, the rawness, the humanity. My compassion grew exponentially as the days passed. Shayne did an INCREDIBLE job with the itinerary and in carefully selecting those who would travel together. Not only was I in awe every moment of every day with what I saw and how it all felt, but lifelong connections were at play as well. My Vivid Life Journey was one of the highlights of my life.’

Sophie Losinski

“the trip was everything promised and more”

Leslie Hilderley

“The itinerary was designed mindfully, so that we experienced all aspects of South Africa, not just the touristy parts. Each day brought new and amazing moments, yet my favorite part of the trip was the 2 days spent in Kruger National Park in the 4×4 vehicles, exploring the Malompheni Eco Trail. Seeing the incredible animals (elephants, giraffes, lions, impala, etc. oh my!) and breathtaking Lebata River was a lifetime dream!”

Anne Katzeff

“Touring South Africa felt like a magnifying glass to the soul. I remembered who I really am; a story collector, full of adventure and eager to learn about the world around me. Connecting with new friends forged relationships to endure a lifetime, connecting with the land revealed the magic of nature in a new way. I am forever shifted and have endless gratitude for the opportunity.”

Carla Sinclair

“The trip for me was deeply personal, I was in South Africa during the 40th anniversary of when my Mom passed away and we spent that day in the village schools planting trees. I dedicated one of the trees we planted in her honour. It was a hugely healing journey for me. I felt so much love and support from the group as I worked to release the hurt from the loss that happened so early in my life. My intention for the journey was “to heal” and that was exactly what happened. I also wanted to share my thoughts around the theme of the trip, “Connection, Compassion, Courage”. Connection: connecting with other like minded travellers, connection with the land, animals, the incredible people of South Africa, connection with the earth. Compassion: For each other as we travelled through this journey, for the animals we were helping, for the earth and schools by planting trees, and for the children at Daktari whose lives we touched, allowing our lives to be touched in return. Courage: To take a leap of faith and go on a journey far from home, following our intuition to take the journey, being your authentic self through this incredible journey, to push outside comfort zones and sleep out in the wilds of Kruger park.”

Brenda Bryson

“Our travel to South Africa encompassed the true essence of courage, connection, and compassion.   I am at a loss for words and very overwhelmed by an array of deep emotions.  However, this journey to South Africa has undeniably confirmed for me the true understanding that at the core of our variability lay our common humanity. As quoted by Arch Bishop Tutu; “Bringing people together is what I call ‘UBUNTU’, which means ‘I am because we are’.  Far too often people think of themselves as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world.  When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.”  Desmond Tutu. This experience in South Africa has transformed my life and I will forever be connected to the people, the animals and the country of South Africa.  South Africa  has a permanent in-print in my heart. Thank you for the amazing opportunity. Much love, Eloise”

Eloise Morrison

“The biggest shift I had after traveling to South Africa was my attitude towards social media and smartphone culture. It looks much sillier to see North Americans staring down at their phone while walking instead of noticing the beautiful connected world we live in.”, “I loved the mentality of ‘when in Africa!’ while I was on the trip. I ate bugs and grubs, spit giraffe poo from my mouth and danced around a fire with tribal drum music and African singing. Honest traveling involves taking risks and embracing cultural differences and using them to broaden yourself. By doing these African things, I had many reminders, and now memories, that I was far, far away from home where I said “yes” to some great opportunities.”

Colin Burwell

“This trip meant more to me than just a passport stamp and to come back with great stories to tell friends and family. During this trip, I wanted to fully immerse myself in South African culture and get to know the South African people. I truly believe I achieved that during this journey.”, “The day that we spent driving through and camping in The Kruger was the highlight of the journey for me. Everything about that day was something that will be etched in my brain for years to come. From off-roading through The Kruger’s raw, untouched landscape and seeing my first elephant in the wild, to sitting around the campfire under the starry sky and sharing stories while having drinks as the scent of braii filled the air. That day was extremely special to me, because at that moment in time, I knew how fortunate I was to be a part of something so very special and to have the privilege that few people in their lives may never get to experience.”

Tosh Bene

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