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I’ve been working on a web series for the past few years called “My Vivid Life” with Empty Cup Media. We currently have four completed episodes (Money: A Love Story, Equine Therapy, Journey Through Ireland & South Africa).

I had no prior skills, experience in film, or any money to fund the project, but a powerful desire to use film and my life as a medium to inspire you to let go of conditioning, break through resistance and live life ‘all in’

Throw synchronicity into the mix; Carla Sinclair of Empty Cup Media ends up my husband Tim Emberley ‘s client who just happened to finish film school, was ecstatic about my idea, introduced me and the idea to her husband Colin Burwell and BAM.

4 Years later, a few trips across the world, and a lot of blood sweat and tears in what limited time we had for the project during our already crazy schedules… and My VividLife the series is born.

My Vivid Life is a 15 minute lifestyle show featuring Shayne Traviss. Shayne has led an extremely challenging life; from abuse, to bullying, to chasing an ideal of success that wasn’t the healthiest. Shayne struggled to find himself and his place in the world. While life’s challenges can shut some people down, Shayne uses each experience to learn more about himself and integrates the lessons to live a vividlife.

Shayne speaks with advisers, experts, therapists and guides during his quest to learn more about himself and how to apply each lesson to his life. Some episodes include traveling to Ireland and South Africa for heart in hands on experiences. Viewers will see parts of themselves in Shayne and be able to relate to the lessons he is learning.

My Vivid Life is a warm and inspirational web series that invites us all to let go of conditioning, break through resistance and to live life ‘all in’



Equine Therapy

Shayne Traviss visits equine therapist Jennifer Schramm for a one-on-one session. He begins the session thinking it’s a lesson in courage, but after 10 minutes of silence in the round pen with the horse, Shayne learns a break through lesson about himself.

Money: A Love Story

Money is often left out of the conversation, which is why Shayne Traviss asked author of “Money: A Love Story” Kate Northrup about the topic. The two sit down and discuss the connection between our self-worth and money.

Journey Through Ireland

Rush, rush rush – Shayne Traviss felt like he was just going through the motions of life without stopping to appreciate any of it. He joined The Divine Destination Collection on their trip to Ireland so he could learn how to connect more with himself, others and his surroundings.

South Africa: Connection, Compassion & Courage

After a series of synchronistic events Shayne Traviss meets Dawid De Wet of Toerboer and ends up on the other side of the world on a heart touching journey of connection, compassion and courage.