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Conversation at the Cutting Edge with Sandie Sedgbeer

1385110_683608611667526_1966251373_nConversation at the Cutting Edge is a talk show featuring the world’s leading thinkers, speakers, authors, teaching, scientists, and experts working at the cutting edge where science and consciousness meet.  Since its launch in 2011, Conversation at the Cutting Edge was the # 1 ranked show on the Awakening Zone Network.  Now its host, Sandie Sedgbeer, is bringing her incisive interview style to Vivid Life.  A self-described “shameless sharer,” Sandie is passionate about showcasing people who have something important to share that can help us discover our full potential as spiritual beings enjoying a human life. Hence, her shows are geared towards challenging your  perceptions, and offering new insights on who we are, why we;re here, and what we are capable of achieving when we open our mind, expand our awareness and accept that the only limits that exist are those we place upon ourselves. www.sedgbeer.com

We invite you to come play with us in the field of possibilities, every Tuesday evening at 5pm Pacific Time/8pm Est.

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