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Practice a Compassionate Life!

by Shayne Traviss

“Feel the pain of others. Understand their strengths and disappointments their hardships and inadequacies and open your heart to them. Realize that everyone is doing the best they possibly can. Judge no one. But rather, cradle all humanity in your heart.”


One of the most important things I have practiced in my life is Compassion. Compassion for every person I meet, from a street person begging for money to a wealthy person who lacks happiness. My philosophy is that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

It is our responsibility as spiritual, positive beings to practice Compassion for everyone. Understand that like you and I everyone has a different story, not everyone deals with things the same way and not everyone has an open heart and that we must not make assumptions based on race, sexuality, religion or whatever difference one might have but embrace our differences for we are more alike then you may believe.

We need to be examples, we need to be the person to, as Ghandi once said “Be the change we want to see in the world”

So today when you see that person begging for money give them a dollar, tell them they are beautiful. When you see that wealthy person getting out of their fancy new car with a grumpy look on their face, say hello and tell them they look wonderful and watch their eyes sparkle with appreciation.

We must never make assumptions and always be compassionate because as my mother use to say “never judge a person till you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”

You are amazing, keep shining!


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