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Your Vivid Life: A Magical Night

by Shayne Traviss

Wow oh Wow what a magical night ✨ Family, new friends, old friends, blasts from the past and blessings from the present (hundreds) all gathered to celebrate the birth of my first book Your Vivid Life, An Invitation to Live a Radically Authentic Life

There were laughs, and cries, and maybe we belted out a little tune 🎶 all brought on by the impeccable interview hosted by my dear friend and popular Itunes Podcaster Crystal-Lee Quibell

We celebrated into the wee hours of the morning surrounded by the most incredible people ever…. Oh and the surprise drummer and belly dancer (of course I joined in)

I couldn’t have dreamed this better than it was…

Thank you to each and every one of you who joined me, and especially to my dear friend T.j. Collina Ashton for the absolutely delightful ‘green room’ Soirée 👌🏼

And now I hand it over to the universe. May the words of wisdom captured in this book fall upon the hands and hearts of those who need it most.

Here We Go!!!

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