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Let Go

by Shayne Traviss


“Find your passion.”

I keep hearing this over and over again. And it seems to cause more angst than it does happy joy, joy feelings.

Not that I’m chasing any particular feeling.

I find being present to the one(s) I’m having works best, at least for me.

How about you?

How’s finding your passion going?

I find when I let go of searching things usually find me.

I follow what interests me and that usually ends well;

I meet people that are in alignment, I call ‘em my good vibe tribe.

I see pretty amazing places.

And I end up with experiences that help me grow.

But as soon as I try and force myself to “find” anything, panic sets in.

Kind of like looking for lost keys, and when you stop panicking…

there they are.

The Student,

Shayne Traviss



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