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I said Goodbye

by Shayne Traviss

This poem by my dear friend Susan hit me right in the root and heart chakras today, as life would have it, I am experiencing many goodbyes; losing my brother, selling our home … and with them comes deep reflection and self inquiry, saying “goodbye to Old Keys,” and saying “Hello cloudless mind, rolling hills and New Scenes.”

Deep gratitude to Susan for reflecting with words what’s on my (our) hearts.

by Susan Frybort

I said goodbye to Old Keys,
faded welcome mats, too—
chipped porcelain, torn feelings,
and fragmented dreams.

I said goodbye to Past Things
that were no longer true:
Bad connections,
warped reflections,
and high expectations
I couldn’t hold to.

I said goodbye to Old Pain,
bitter tears and dull varnish;
so long wishes that waned,
or got covered with tarnish.

I said goodbye to Old Keys
that open doors obsolete—
‘bye to staying too long
when it’s better to leave.

And goodbye to the Land of Fabricated Ideals,
goodbye Make-Believe.
Hello What Is Real

Goodbye Over-Thinking,
hello Let It Be—

I said, Hello cloudless mind,
rolling hills and New Scenes.


Shayne Traviss


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