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His Last Prayer

by Shayne Traviss

Facebook asked me what’s on my mind.

My Brother 

(for those who do not know, he passed away suddenly a few days ago at 38 years old)


My Mom, His Wife, My Dad(s), My Nieces and Nephew, My Grandparents.

Everyone that has been touched by and is grieving the loss of My Brother.

My Own Mortality.

How I’ve lived every day and how My Brother inspired me to live it fuller, more radical and with a bigger smile.

And his last prayer at the table with My Grandparents, at his favorite place on earth, was not to ask for anything, but to say THANK YOU.

So I’m reminded to be thankful. And although it may be hard for us at this time. It is no coincidence that I woke up to this quote:

“Look around,
and be thankful right now.
For your health,
your family,
your friends,
and your home.
Nothing lasts forever.”

– marcandangel

Nothing lasts forever.

So as Meister Eckhart so poignantly said:

“If the only prayer you
ever say in
your entire life is,
thank you,
it will be enough.”

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