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Get Your Lightsaber Out

by Shayne Traviss

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Things have been a little heavy lately; emotions are running high, longer commutes for affordable housing, less pay more work, family tensions on the rise, and your news feed is filled with political doom and gloom. The shift has hit the fan, the underbelly has been revealed and it’s time for us “warriors of the light” to step up our game.

We have a job to do. One that we have been prepared for our whole lives. But it’s got to be real and we’ve got to be operating at full capacity, deeply grounded and rooted in authenticity to do it. Otherwise we’re going to burn out.

Time to start training our warrior selves, and that involves a shit ton of self-care. Something that we givers seem to struggle with. Always giving out, but rarely filling up. There could be a plethora of reasons for that, a deep rooted belief that we are undeserving or self-protection, but whatever it is, we’ve seriously got to kick it in the ass, to do the work – feel it, to reveal it, to heal it, right?

Cause we’re being called on to take us all higher, to usher in a world that is lead more from the heart. I know this all sounds like foo foo, mystical, I ain’t got time for that, I’ve gotta bring home the bacon kind of stuff, but it’s not foo foo at all,  it’s realer than real. It’s what we’ve manifested here to do.

Spiritual work.

But we can’t do it on an empty tank. So time to fill up, and I wanted to share with you some of the things that fill me up, that bring me home; grounded and soaked in the light of authenticity. But I’d also like to know what brings you home, so, if spirit moves you, please reply to the comments below with whatever it is that brings you to that place.

We’re in this together, right? You’re learning from me, I’m learning from you. There is no guru here, except life itself, at which we are all students.

So here goes…

What brings me home is music and nature (natural music; birds chirping, thunder, waves crashing against the shore) and lying down on my Yoga mat (Jade Yoga mats are my fav, and green is my colour – heart chakra) and listening to the following songs (I’ve provided the links so you can listen):

Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

Deva Premal –  Gayatri Mantra

Alanis Morissette  – That I Would Be Good

Andra Day – Rise Up

C.C. White – Surrender

India Arie – Ready for Love

Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Elegy

Lennon & Maisy – In Love

Phillip Phillips – Home

Ahhhhh feeling bliss, full and so clear after listening. Ready to bust out my lightsaber and kick ass within and without. How about you?

Oh and don’t get so caught up kicking ass you forget to reply with what brings you home.

We’re in this together!


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