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Oprah & Global Visionary Lynne Twist Talk “The Soul of Money”

by Shayne Traviss

Oh this is going to be a good one, and timely too. There is so much suffering in the world with our relationship to money. I look forward to Oprah’s eye opening questions, Lynne’s profound wisdom and many aha moments.

Here We Go!

This “Super Soul Sunday“, April 23 11AM ET/PT on OWN TV Oprah Winfrey is joined by author, humanitarian and global visionary Lynne Twist for a conversation about the wounded relationship people have with money and the reasons why society idealizes wealth. Lynne, author of the highly-regarded book “The Soul of Money,” shares her wisdom about our connection with money and the three “toxic” myths of scarcity. By challenging others to view our “culture of money” through a new lens and create a spiritual relationship with their finances, Lynne believes people can transform themselves and their values to lead a fulfilling life.


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