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21 Day Virtual VividLife Quest with Shayne Traviss

by Shayne Traviss

21 Day Virtual VividLife Quest


Step into a braver more adventurous life of certainty, clarity and connection.


Take the 21 Day Virtual VividLife Quest with Shayne Traviss


In ancient North American Native traditions, “a Vision Quest is the ritual seeking of personal communication with the spirit world through visions that are induced by fasting, prayer, and other measures during a time of isolation.”

The purpose. To find oneself and intended spiritual and life direction.

In this experiential program I partner ancient and modern wisdom to help you discover that direction and assist you in incorporating it into your everyday life with ease.

Rather than complete isolation, or fasting – we will work together one on one focusing on undoing conditioning, finding your authentic voice, and breaking through resistance so you can propel yourself into a higher state of being every day.


Bravery. Find out who you really are
Adventure. Discover what brings you to life
Certainty. Find your direction and unlock what’s blocking you.
Clarity. Radically focus on what you truly desire to manifest in your life.
Connection. Reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.


It’s time to find your life direction, and radically focus on giving that to the world with all you’ve got.


Join me on this virtual 21 Day experiential VividLife Quest.


21 Days

4 1:1 Virtual Mentoring Sessions

No Social Media

No Distractions

Undo Conditioning

Connection with the Self

Break Through Resistance

Radical focus

Balance Mind, Body & Spirit


Upon completion of this program you will:


Have clarity on what brings you joy, and how to incorporate that into your everyday life.

Know your life direction and have a radically focused map to achieving it with an accountability partner to hold you to it.

After over 20 years of marketing, promoting and producing others I decided to open a new chapter in my life. Currently I’m living my life’s direction through writing, mentoring and producing and starring in my own inspirational docu-series titled “My VividLife”.

Formally I founded VividLife.me, an online resource for living a happier, healthier and wealthier life as well as VividLife Radio which I recently retired in June of 2016.

VividLife Radio reached over 3 million listeners around the globe and entertained “A” list celebrities, and the very best experts in personal development over the course of 5,000 episodes.


Go higher, live a life “all in” join me on this 21 Day VividLife Quest.


I will also dive in deep sharing my life experiences, travels and inspirations for living a VividLife.


Here’s What Others Have to Say:


“To put yourself as the priority in your own life is the greatest gift you can give the world.

After a series of events in my life culminating with the loss of 2 friends far too soon, I questioned whether I was living the life I had always envisioned. Living my life on my terms could wait no longer. Along came VividLife Quest to assist me through that journey.

Each day I delved further into the aspects of my life that get me off track of what fills my cup. I was challenged by my own perceptions about how I was living my life. Being off social media for 21 days allowed me to focus on me.

I now have a map and direction of where I am going towards living my life to the fullest.

Do yourself a favour and put yourself as a priority in your own life. VividLife Quest will help you make it happen!”

Brenda Bryson

“It’s incredible that my life could change over 21 days and yet it has. I started this journey to focus on my happiness and future success. After experiencing the 21 Day VividLife Quest and working with Shayne, I’m creating a plan to accomplish my dreams. I now understand the meaning of the statement “Everything you are searching for is already within you.” Once you block out the many distractions of life and really focus on you, your perception of life and your place in it will never be the same.

Here is what I have experienced during and after program:


Less Worry

Less Anxiety

Less Tension

Less Fear

Less Resistance to doing what I know I should or should not do

Answers coming easily to me

Eating better food for my body & well being

Take a close look at this program, make the decision to jump on board

and never look back!”

Linda Wheeler Williams

“As a wife, a mother of four boys, a business owner, a caregiver, and not to mention the endless other roles that I take on, I was at a point of losing myself. My decisions were no longer mine, my time was no longer mine, and my feelings and thoughts were being compromised by everything else that began controlling my life.

After a life changing journey to South Africa with the Vivid Life travel group, I began a journey of transformation. I realized that my inner light was still shinning bright but was being dulled by everything else that I allowed control my thoughts, emotions and ultimately my life.

When I returned from South Africa I was gifted with more self-realizations and I recognized that when standing in my truth, the universe collaborates with you in so many ways. I then made the conscious decision to take my journey a few steps deeper by joining Shayne Traviss’ Vivid Life Quest.

The Vivid Life Quest encouraged me to take 21 days and focus on beginning to create a balance in my life so that I can fit the roles I choose to participate in, into my life, and rid myself of the anxiety, stress, guilt, and preconceived ideas and thoughts that were controlling my life and ultimately make time for ME.

I am beginning to find myself again and allowing my light to shine! I have realized that it is all about having balance and when you are in alignment with all the things that fill you up as a person, you are then able to walk through life with joy, clarity and purpose. I know I am not alone in feeling like you are losing yourself, The Vivid Life Quest is a gift that you can give yourself that will ultimately create a ripple effect in all areas of your life!

I promise you!

Thank you, Shayne, for guiding me towards creating a life of balance and realizing the importance in restoring my inner self. This shift has helped me include and prioritize self-care so that I can continue to be my best self in all the roles that I chose to participate in on my life journey!”

Eloise Morrison


Program Cost: $497 USD


Please email info@vividlife.me to set up your pre-registration Q&A or to register for the 21 Day Virtual VividLife Quest.

Looking forward to our journey together,



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