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The Heart of the Matter

by Shayne Traviss

Shayne Traviss

Your heart, gut feeling, silent whispers, giant screams, intuition.

What ever is guiding you, that is not fear. Follow that.

In every moment I practice listening to myself and following my ‘hearts’ wisdom.

Sometimes its tough cause old conditioning, undealt with emotional baggage, other peoples voices and fear create illusionary blocks and a resistance to stepping on our hearts path.

Yoga introduced me to a very key tool in cutting through the bull and getting to the heart of the matter called Dirga Pranyama or Three Part Breathe (Google it)

It’s not a tool to ignore emotions or fear, but to bring them to the light, give them space and allow them to pass. So you can get to the heart of the matter.

I use this both personally and with my mentorship students.

This very simple practice helps usher us out of a panicked or stressful state and into a place of calm where we can make decisions with Conscious Action (Peace) vs. Reaction (War)

In times such as these there is no better solution than to give ourselves the space to check in with our heart for direction.

Because when we are in alignment with our hearts, we are in alignment with the greater good for ourselves and humanity.

So do yourself a favour.

Before you React.

Take a moment, connect with your breathe and ask yourself…

What do I really want?

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