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I’m talking to YOU, please listen…

by Shayne Traviss

The world is in turmoil. There is no denying it, no stuffing it under the bed and pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s time to face reality. People are starving, countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, cities are being completely levelled by natural disasters, people are going without food or water, losing their jobs, families are breaking apart and we are all struggling inside to survive, to find a safe place within our heart and soul to take refuge so that we can face what’s at hand and the challenges we may face a head.

It can be scary, I know. If you live a fear based life and don’t have faith that there is something beyond fear, beyond our attachments to a world in which we created based on a totally unsustainable model.

Will I be able to survive a change? Can I live life without all the material that I have grown attached to? What will life look like? How will I define myself?  How will I survive?

These are common questions that I hear from people who live in a fear based world. In a world controlled by mind virus’s passed on through the media and our unconscious friends who haven’t yet woken up to the possibility that we actually are the ones creating our lives, how  we experience them and how we facilitate life on our planet.

I challenge to you to sit where you are, eliminate all distractions; meaning shut off your phone, your Facebook, the music or whatever you have around you that may distract you, and get silent. It might be something you are unfamiliar with but I challenge you to take the first step towards creating the life you want and try.

You may or may not be aware that the world in which we have unconsciously created is unsustainable. That we and our planet, which in essence are all one, cannot survive for much longer on the current model. We can no longer sustain ourselves on this greedy, status based, material obsessed world. It is destroying us inside and out. You have heard the phrase our thoughts create our reality, well what kind of thoughts do we have about ourselves and the world to create what we have created…

What can YOU do to change it?

First things first you can stop, breathe, be silent and allow yourself to reconnect with the truth of who you are. We never stop, were always go, go, go! On to the next task without ever stopping to consciously visualize what it is that we really want to create. We are on auto pilot, programed by a mind virus that we picked up somewhere from birth to this present moment. We’ve become like puppets controlled by some invisible power that speaks through our computers, magazines, newspapers and TV’s. A power that tells us we need to be prettier, thinner, smarter, and wealthier and that we never have enough and always need more. You’ve seen them, the commercials for lotteries painting a picture of what life would look like if you were a millionaire or the ones for Botox making promises that you’ll feel healthier, brighter and more alive if you just inject a little of our overpriced poison in your face.

What you need to understand is that these are temporary fixes attempting to convince you that the solution comes from somewhere outside of you. That the more you have and the better you look, the happier you will be.  However these things, that are outside of yourself, do not and will never have the power to bring happiness to your life. The more you look outside of yourself the more suffering you will cause, within yourself and in the world. You become a participant in the spread of this mind virus which is the greatest contributer to your internal turmoil and the turmoil you are seeing on the planet as we speak.

Today take just  10-15 minutes to get silent and ask yourself. What do I truly want for myself and the planet? Ask yourself this question over and over again and then listen. Listen from the very depths of your heart and soul and you will find that answer, that connection to inner truth. What you may or may not be surprised to find is that what you truly want for yourself and others doesn’t come from a box, a bank or a needle. It’s a gift that you were born with and has been available to you all along… That gift is love, compassionate unbiased love.

You have a limitless supply of love that when tapped into has the ability to heal your life and when projected outwards, in unity, has the ability to work miracles. With love all things are possible.

If you want to create peace your life and the world remind yourself that every moment is a choice point and that in that moment you can choose the thoughts that create war or peace, love or fear and disaster or miracles. So stop, listen to your heart and be awakened to the power of unity with truth.



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Paul Barthmaier August 26, 2011 - 2:49 am

Bravo, Shayne!! Three comments: Firstly, I\’d suggest removing the preposition from the first sentence. It seems to me that saying that the world is IN turmoil is like a new development or a temporary situation. Somehow it just feels more accurate to say the world IS turmoil.

As a Transition Coach, I don\’t point this out as a Chicken Little claim of the sky falling, rather, more of a \’so what\’ kinda thing. I choose to understand it as a given in life that I may not like, but accept. That and my personal pet peeve against the \’good ole days\’ sentiment. For me, I\’m very confident that the good old days never existed, at least not for most folks.

My second comment involves the second most important point of your article, fear. Fear is such a corrosive sentiment in society, and yet, it pervades so much of our lives, from business, politics and religion, to name a few areas. Your implication to remain present and aware is an excellent one and it is very much in line with current coaching practices.

The third remark I\’ll make involves your encouragement of getting quiet and turning inward. I\’d like amplify this call to action. It reminds me of a radio show that I did on VividLife Radio, when Neil Crofts, my partner, urged us all to \’Know Thyself.\’ http://goo.gl/QARZT. In the end, the only change we can effect is to change ourselves, but when we do, I believe we begin to change the world.

With love,


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