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A Reflection on Ram Dass: Fierce Grace the Documentary

by Shayne Traviss

As I woke up so peacefully this morning at 5AM, I had an urge to watch something inspirational. Since I have just recently subscribed to an internet service called, Netflix an on demmand movie site, which is absolutely amazing and has an enourmous library of  films and documentaruies.  I came across a documentary of a man I have heard spoken many times on my recent journey in self discovery by the name of Ram Dass.

The documentary gives insight into his life with a focus on his recently challanged journey due to a Stroke causing him to be challanged both physically as well as with his speech.

If you are not aware of who Ram Dass is he is a Spiritual Guru who started  his journey born to a highly educated and wealthy Jewish family and continued on to become a Harvard Professor all before his enlightened trip to India, which sparked an enormous spiritual movement and a book by Ram Dass himself titled “Be Here Now” which to date has outsold almost every piece of literature outside The Bible.

This decumentary took me on exactly the journey I expected. His story, his journey and his truth touched my heart and once again opened me up to the understanding of our divinty. It  brought me to a place of understanding and comfort and as his book titles states to “Be Here Now”  and to fully understand with all of my heart and soul, that every experience is a blessing, an opportunity for growth in order to gently guide us back to the truth which is our purest nature.

To know as Ram Dass says “This moment is alright, This moment is alright”

Please enjoy this beautiful journey through spiritual Guru Ram Dass

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Angie Lile January 9, 2011 - 10:41 am

I really loved this! Thank you!


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