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The Meaning Behind Some Frequent Number Patterns

There are many who believe that the Universe is one big math equation made up of sequences and patterns of numbers and ratios that lead on into infinity.  Think about it for a moment and you can see how we all relate to the knowledge and wonder of the Universe through the power of numbers.  We count the Lunar months, the distances between stars and planets, the days of the week, the minutes on a clock and so on.  We have some how adapted ourselves to fit into the rhythm of the Cosmos by becoming part of the math equation.  Sacred Geometry  is an ancient method used to help us understand and relate to the vast Universe and the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras,  believed that the planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony.

In our everyday life we connect into the Universe via our soul or spirit essence which  is the connecting wire into the Universal realm of knowledge where as the body is the physical casing that is meant to enable the soul essence to have its human experience. The Universe often times has to be a mediator in the conversations between body and soul and set its own synchronised messages into motion. Every now and then the Universe resets the reboot button on both body and soul by opening the 11:11 portal to awareness as a reminder to stay connected and to set both body and soul back into the awareness mode. The Universe sends us necessary messages often by using the language of numerical patterns which both the body and spirit can recognise.

One of the most recognized number sequences is 11:11, the numerical sequence linked into the Universal concept of synchronicity.  It is a prompt to look for the opportunities around you that serve a purpose for your soul’s evolution while here on earth. The numbers 11:11 are mostly noticed on clocks and it is said to activate our soul’s DNA and prepare us for the evolution into the higher dimensions beyond the third dimension. The 11:11 pattern is recognized all over the world and when we see it we are getting a frequency upgrade that is more conducive to the souls over all ascension process into higher consciousness.

Certain number patterns resonate with different aspects of our consciousness and help us to remember what we already know because we come from the Divine creative source to begin with. In numerology the number 11 is considered a master number meaning that it represents illumination and is also a channel to the Divine where it is possible to have insight without rational thought.

Aside from the 11:11 numerical pattern doorway into higher consciousness that the Universe alerts our body and soul to, there are a few other number patterns that also seem to crop up frequently.  The other common numerical patterns take on a more personal synchronistic meaning from the Universe and helps remind the individual to connect in more tightly to their life’s purpose.

The number 555 opens the portal to moving forward in your life and creating positive change. Those of us who get a little stuck now and then because of a life situation that has stalled out will begin to notice that number pattern cropping up more often around us.  It will help you re-establish your soul’s connection into the Universe and resonate with the frequency necessary for making changes and getting on with your life.

The number pattern of 111 is a manifestation number where what you think you also begin to create so watch what you are thinking when you see the number 111. Keep your thoughts positive. Repeatedly seeing 111 is always a precursor to bring something about in your life but if your intentions for creating are Ego based the results will carry a hard lesson with them.

The often feared number 666, the so called mark of the beast, is actually a reminder to not live only in the material world of illusion where attachment to “things” takes precedence over what your true nature of soul or spirit is all about. The number 666 is about illusion and false beliefs that rob the soul of its ability to ascend.  The illusionary world of materiality is like a sticky web that is hard to navigate through.  Could the number of the beast represent money, big banks, Wall Street or any type of organization where propaganda is used to control you? Be aware and see where and when you notice this number so you can remind yourself not to be solely materialistic.

I knew someone who had the address number of 666 and they were really freaked out about it.  They always felt as though some type of creeped out happening would occur in their home. They even attempted to move but the address number was a real turn off to potential buyers.

The real message behind their address of 666 was to remind them not to live only in the material world and feed the beast. They both had new cars with hefty car payments, a second mortgage, jacked up credit cards and other expenses associated with living high. All of these payments detracted to the quality of their life because they were so busy paying for things to impress others with that they had no time to enjoy all the shit that they were paying for.

These are just some of the more common number patterns that we resonate to as we experience life.

I’m sure that each and every one of us can somehow associate a certain sequence of numbers or a “lucky’ number with someone, something or some occurrence in our life.  Certain numbers seem to follow us around alerting us to stay with the program and bringing a bevy of synchronistic events with them into our existence.

I had a client that always heard from a certain guy she was interested in every time she would see triple threes (333).  Another client of mine would always see the number pattern 996 every time she was about to have a car problem. I have noticed that certain numbers were always in my different phone numbers that I have had over the years and these same numbers also correspond to specific dates for me on a personal level.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology coined the term synchronicity and he said “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

Written by Lisa Barretta

Lisa Barretta is an author, artist,astrologer, psychic reader, and certified Reiki practitioner. After receiving her first set of tarot cards at age of 14, Lisa began studying divination and astrology while honing her own innate psychic skills. Over the past 30 years she has developed her client base strictly by word-of-mouth. Her worldwide list of clients now spans the United States, United Kingdom and the Middle East. The Street-Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading (Llewellyn, November 2009) is her first book.