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Cats Sense Cancer?

Many people who have pets swear by experiences that their pets have, at times, had a sixth sense. Whether it is the scared dog that senses the big storm coming on a sunny day or the cat that meows constantly when a diabetic patient has a reaction, we can all agree that these are not just experiences we should shrug off as constant coincidences.

We trust our pets so much; we rely on them to be seeing eye dogs, sense epileptic seizures, sniff out drugs in an airport, or detect bombs hidden within spaces. As animals are given such important roles to help society, it is certain that their “sixth sense” cannot be ignored.

Recently, many stories have come out where cats have cuddled with cancer patients before their unforeseen deaths, and rumors have been flying about cats that have placed their paw on a cancer patient, pointing out the tumor that doctors could not find. Other cats have been known to constantly sniff the freckle on arms of cancer patients, when the person did not know they were suffering. It is definite that we, as humans, have lost our connection with the earth, and now we rely on our companions to instruct us on what is going on.

Could this be an intuition, a psychic connection between pet and ill human being that currently is beyond our thinking? Could this just be that we release a chemical when we have cancer or are dying and cats have the heightened sense of smell and understand what is going on, and thus feel empathy for their sick human friends?

Dogs have been known for their keen sense of smell, but cats are often overshadowed. Considering that cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times stronger then a human beings, we must not overlook our feline friends! Cats have an incredible organ, the vomeronasal organ. Located behind the front teeth in the mouth of a cat, it is connected to the nasal passage. Have you ever seen your cat open his or her mouth and close it rapidly? The cat is sensing, either smelling for food, looking for a mate, or, it has been argued, sensing deeper things like irregular weather patterns, natural disasters, or the health problems of a family member.

I have personally had pets who are much more reliable then my meteorologist. So whether cats have a sixth sense or an organ that can give them senses beyond human perception is not the case at hand. The truth lies beyond what mainstream thinking offers. We must observe and listen to our pets. Their actions and moods must be seen as complex as ours. They have senses beyond ours, therefore they must be respected. In est, if cats truly can “sense” cancer, further research must be developed, especially if we can save lives.

Written by Grace Ste. Croix

Grace Ste.Croix is a writer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker in Canada. She writes for a number of international magazines on subjects including personal growth, health and wellness, and current events. She uses her legal experience in her writing to dissect current issues, and apply a number of possible answers for hard questions. As an animal rights campaigner, she strives for tougher laws on animal abuse and encourages their adoption from humane societies and animal shelters. Visit her at,, and Feng Join my facebook page! Facebook:Grace Ste.Croix