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What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?


Impatience or Divine Anticipation?

IMPATIENCE!!!!!!! We all have had it at one time or another.  Some of us are ruled by it and others…not so much.

Having a constant sense of impatience for something to happen in our lives is very common and in many ways quite natural.  We all strive to see what the future will bring and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but in our desire to speed up the natural flow it can actually keep us stuck.
Whether it be wanting that dream relationship to be here now, needing a resolution to a problem or just about anything really, the feeling of impatience can actually halt the natural process of our spiritual growth.   Impatience  keeps us from living totally in the Now of life and from being in touch with our authentic selves and moment by moment impulses.  For it is in this moment that we find the guidance and hear the Divine.
If we are constantly putting our focus on something in the future, we will inevitably fail to see, feel and react to what is right in front of us. And many times it is the things that are right in front of us that will help us deal with or solve the problems that we are being impatient about.
Impatience comes from our need to control the outcome or resolution of a certain situation.  We may want a person to do what we want them to do.  We may want a scenario in our lives to go the way in which we want them to go. Whatever it may be it is a form of control and not flow.
When we have flow in our lives it is not as if we don’t look forward to events and situations.  We do. The difference is there isn’t this sense of trying to figure it all out, and more importantly trying to get the result that we think is the best.
When we begin to let go of results and stay in the flow of moment by moment living, a beautiful thing begins to happen.  Instead of impatience, a sense of what I call, divine anticipation begins to manifest in our lives.  The best way to describe this divine anticipation is what we have as children at Christmas or holiday time.  Remember that feeling when you were so excited about Christmas morning?   You weren’t quite sure what would be under the tree, but you couldn’t wait for it to come and you knew it would.
Divine anticipation is the positive side of impatience.  Divine anticipation is the thrilling sense that something is coming.  You may not know specifically what it is that’s coming, but you know it is!  It  is always exciting, positive and gives you energy.


One of the best ways to cultivate Divine anticipation is to meditate.  As you meditate you
slowly let go of your need to control.  You begin to know that everything in your life is exactly perfect for your highest good and is leading closer to the Divine.  This knowing opens you up and when you open up life becomes more fun and much more an adventure!

Start by just meditating 10 mins  2 times a day by sitting very quiet and simply saying “Let Go, let go, let go….” over and over.  Once you start this practice, a new energy will ignite in you and you will start feeling Divine anticipation for… something!

I’m Divinely anticipating great things for you!

Written by Max Ryan

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