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What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?


Denise Linn discusses Unlocking The Secrets of Your Past Lives

VividLife Radio’s Liz Dawn welcomes best selling author and spiritual teacher Denise Linn to discuss unlocking the secrets of your past lives to help heal issues in this life!

DeniseMeadow_2LowRezWho were you in a past life? Have you ever looked at a stranger and felt like you have known them forever? Are you Listencurious about why you have certain fears?  During the first half hour of the show, Liz will have an extraordinary conversation with bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Denise Linn. You will learn to unlock the secrets to your past lives , understand the concepts of reincarnation, soul mates, and karma and how past-life therapy can help to heal issues in your life!  Denise is the bestselling author of Past Lives, Present Miracles, AND over 20 other book titles!

During the second half hour of the show, Denise and Liz will be joined by gourmet Chef, Meadow Linn, Denise’s daughter. Denise and Meadow wrote a delicious book together called, The Mystic Cookbook, The Secret Alchemy of Food.  This is not just your ordinary cookbook, but it is a provocative and juicy guide to that will open your eyes to the remarkable link between nourishment and spiritual awakening. We are going to talk about food and all the mystical secrets behind enhancing your culinary experience!

lizdawn1 copy2Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn, brings you intimate and deep conversations with some of the world’s finest spiritual teachers of our time. The show’s host, is none other than Liz Dawn, president and co-founder of Mishka Productions, the creators of the infamousCelebrate Your Life conference and events.  Tune in each week as Liz takes you on a journey through all ways to celebrate, honor and nourish your life!


Written by What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?

What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?

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