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Zoe Tryon discusses The Jungle Within, her experiences and lessons learned living in the jungle

VividLife’s Ed and Deb Shapiro welcome Zoe Tryon, Enviro-babe, indigo-phile, writer, adventurer, student, activist, teacher, nomad and pilgrimto to discuss her upcoming book ‘The Jungle Within’ about her experiences and lessons learned living in the jungle

Her mother was a confidante of Prince Charles and she counts an impressive roster of celebrities and royals as friends. Now society girl Zoë Tryon is an eco-warrior living in the remote Ecuadorean rainforest

Zoë Tryon grew up between the wilds of the English countryside and London. She has always had a passion for wild places, she suspected that indigenous people may have had a better idea of how to be truly happy, than we in the modern world do. So she went to study anthropology at Manchester University, in England and then at Sydney University, in Australia. However books did not satiate her quest for real knowledge so she set off to live with indigenous peoples to learn from them, to find out how she could best support them in protecting their lands and culture, and to bring back some of their wisdom and worldviews to her own tribe in the Western world.

Zoë has worked and lived with the Achuar, Shuar, Kichua, and Waorani, peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes since 2006. She has worked with sustainable development projects in indigenous lands, been an active campaigner for the inclusion of rights for nature in the new Ecuadorian Constitution, she has worked closely on the case against Chevron in the northern Ecuadorian amazon (the largest environmental law suit in history). She is an ambassador for charities Amazon Watch ( and Fundacion Pachamama ( She leads shamanic tours in the Andes and jungles of Ecuador, helping people to reconnect with the magic of the wilderness, nature and indigenous wisdom and ‘Toxi Tours’ for celebrities, film makers, journalists, photographers of the areas destroyed by oil development.

She also attends conferences all over the world as an Amazon ambassador such as the indigenous peoples global summit on climate change in Anchorage Alaska, and the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues annual conference in NYC. She recently walked alone over 600 miles up Spain, taking 38 days to complete the walk to raise money and awareness to preserve Yasuni national park in the Amazon – home to tribes of un-contacted peoples, and one of the most bio-diverse places on earth.
She frequently presents a four hour symposium looking at environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice. And speaks on indigenous and Amazon issues.

Zoë is committed to being a connector, a bridge between the indigenous world and the modern world for the rest of her days. One of her favorite quotes is:
“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” – By Australian aboriginal leader Lila Watson

She is currently writing a memoir entitled ‘The Jungle Within’ about her experiences and lessons learned living in the jungle. She is also developing a TV show ‘Wild Wisdom’ about indigenous cultures across the globe and what we in the modern world can learn from their earth wisdom.

A global nomad, Zoë currently lives between Quito, Sydney and LA.

Written by Going Out of Your Mind with Ed and Deb Shapiro

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