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What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?


READ: You Are Loved: 5 ways to feel more loved today, regardless of your relationship status by Christine Arylo

It’s natural to want a companion to walk this earth with. To face the big stuff and the small stuff with
A witness to your life, as you are a witness and cheerleader for theirs. We all want to feel loved.But what if you haven’t found that soul partner yet? Are you destined to feel lonely until you do?
Or what if your relationship isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. Are you just supposed to feel unloved until it is?

No! Whatever your relationship status, you deserve to feel LOVED right now. No matter who or what your partner is or isn’t, you deserve to have a FABULOUS LOVE LIFE today. One in which you feel loved, super loved, every day.

Most of us never got the memo “You are loved, regardless of who is or isn’t sleeping next to you,” so we don’t even know how to get the love we crave. I myself stayed in a 15-year relationship where love was like a yo-yo – one day my ex-person was giving it, the next taking it away. When that relationship ended, I promised myself that I would take my Love Power back (the power I had to feel loved no matter what)… fast forward 10 years and I have kept that promise, and have since grown wealthy in love.

These 5 love actions helped me and can help you too feel loved no matter what!

1.  Reframe Your Love Life.  Your love life isn’t just about the romantic partner you have or don’t. Your Love Life includes ALL of the relationships that provide love, companionship, support, witnessing, and more. Draw a picture with a big heart and a small heart in the center. Put you in the small heart and then put all the relationships you have that bring you love into the big heart. Feel how wealthy you really are in love.

2.  Take Your Love Power Back.  Who in your life are you allowing to mess with you feeling loved no matter what? Do you have any love yo-yo relationships, where the person gives love and takes it away, where you find yourself chasing after their love. Stop. Examine the Love Crack that you’re trying to fill with their love. And fill that crack with your love for you.

3. Take a Self-Love Soak.  Candles. Bath. Bath Salts. Music. Lip Liner. Beautiful Bar of Soap. Undress. Write words and sonnets of love all over your body with the lip liner.  Get into the bath. Gently rub the soap over the love words and feel them soaking into your cells.

4.  Collect Evidence of Love.  Go out for a love field trip with the sole purpose being to collect evidence of love. See love everywhere and let it come to you. Check out this video for more.

5.  Ask for Love. Often we don’t get the love we want because we don’t ask for it. Feeling love starved or love hungry? Call up someone you know that has love to give and ask for it. Ask for a hug, for snuggles, for a walk, for them to reflect back to you all the things they love about you. If you can’t ask the people in your life now for this, it won’t be any easier if and when you meet your soul partner.

My Love Dare is for you to take at least ONE of those actions today… remember love is a daring act AND one that reaps so much in return. If you want love, you have to be willing to open yourself up to receive it AND you have to be committed to loving yourself first.

Christine Arylo, an m.b.a. turned writer, speaker and teacher, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches people how to put their most important partnership first, the one with themselves, so that they can create the love and life their hearts and souls crave. The popular author of Choosing ME before WE, Arylo is known as the “Queen of Self-Love.” She created Madly in Love with ME, the international day of self-love (Feb 13), dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality for women and girls around the world. Check out her free Self-Love Kit at

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Written by Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo

Christine is an inspirational catalyst for women and girls everywhere, daring, inspiring and guiding them to be, love and live their REAL MEs… instead of the images they often find themselves trying to live into.