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What Does Your #VividLife Look Like?


Reflections Of Self: What do the people around you say about who you are?

I have been thinking a lot lately about reflections, whether it be our reflecting on our own lives through recorded snap shots of time past or using reflections in the present as some sort of guide mark to know ourselves even more clearly. If we were to stand in a room encircled by mirrors, we would see multiple images at multiple angles giving us a pretty great scope of what we look like. But how accurate is that? We only get a slice of the whole and can’t ever get a complete picture of who or what we are, as we are far more than a two dimensional being. How is a soul reflected? What if each person we meet in life is essentially only a mirror reflecting one aspect of ourselves? Do these mirrors reflect and therefore give us accurate pictures to understand ourselves better or can they be like a hall of mirrors at a carnival sometimes grossly distorting reality?

Lets say for a second, that every person is in someway a reflection of you. You are drawn to each friend because they possess a positive quality that you yourself have and may even admire. Each enemy or conflict person reflects back those qualities in yourself that you wish you didn’t have. Therefore, the positive interactions you have are slices of your own positive qualities and the negative slices are reminders of your own the shadow sides. These then are great guides in helping us view more clearly who and what we really are. We may gain confidence in the knowledge that the quality you may admire so greatly in a friend is just laying in wait for us to display in our own lives. That person’s ability to be honest, creative, intelligent, etc., that we look at with awe is waiting in us. And those qualities that we loathe are challenging us to gain mastery over negative characteristics in our own lives. We are not perfect. We are swaying between a world of living our greatest gifts and being pulled into facing our less desirable traits. It is not good or bad, simply an adventure of learning where and who we want to be.

It is still a choice. We are not locked into being something and limited to that one thing only. We are not programed with only one mind set. We are programed with positive and negative traits, with amazing talents and abilities. We are programed with the ultimate ability to CHOOSE. We can choose which attributes in ourselves we activate and which ones we decommission. We can choose what to practice and dedicate time and learning to, and which to ignore. We are the masters of our own self creating identity.

Wait a second…

Did I just say, we are the masters of our own identity? Yes, Wow! That bears repeating. I mean, that all the programing we received through out our lifetime doesn’t make us who we are and we have the POWER to be all the reflections of ourselves we can see reflected in others. Hmmm. That is big. So, here I sit and I look around at all the relationships and interactions I have and in each is a reflection of an aspect of me. How do I gauge which aspects of me are the ones I want to choose to hold on to and which ones are the ones I choose to let go of? The answer … gauge the choice by how you feel.

Emotions are the best internal guiding system to which direction in life we want to go. If for example, being in the company with one person, you feel what is reflected back is a smaller weaker version of yourself, than perhaps this is not the mirror you want to spend time with. If, on the other hand, you feel empowered in the presence of someone; you know that person that makes you feel like the best version of yourself? Than that is the mirror to be around. It is almost like there is a great hall of mirrors or people we can choose to view ourselves through. In some, we see ourselves short and not worthy, in others we see ourselves to be tall and valued. Some even, are so distorted that we wonder perhaps this mirror is so unflattering it would be best to not linger and internalize the image as any form of inner truth. This is the warped mirror. These mirrors, are so distorted themselves they can’t reflect anything of value whatsoever. We don’t need to waste time on wondering “is this real?” Real or not they can add nothing to the quest of self discovery and greater empowerment.

The only mirrors worth time, energy, and practice are the ones that are going to help elevate you on a path of mastery of self. The reflections of the soul that you choose to foster are guides pointing you to a higher awareness of self, and not self in itself. I may feel good when I am around certain people but, most importantly, I need to feel good in the company of me. As what matters most, is how you see yourself!

Ten Affirmations for Attracting Higher Self Mirrors.

1. I attract people that support and inspire me on my journey.
2. My life is full of healthy interactions.
3. I have an abundant social network full of like minded friends and acquaintances.
4. I am enriched by the people I meet everyday.
5. I am loved by my family.
6. I let go of unhealthy attachments to people and situations.
7. I am not perfect, but I am perfectly me.
8. I accept myself for who I am.
9. I am likable, lovable, and wonderful to be around when I am genuinely me.
10. I love myself.

Written by Stacy Sheasby

Life begins from here. I am embarking on a new path. I graduated a Native Community Worker – Addictions Counsellor some 15 years ago and knew then that I needed to go and acquire life experiences and heal thyself before I could ever be effective at my job. My personal quest has taken me interesting places in the world and within the soul. I have worked countless jobs but, no job was as hard and rewarding as finding myself.

Now is the time of transition and rebirth. I have returned to my homeland of Canada, opened myself up to the opportunities that await me, and give back what I have learned and assist others on their path. I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor and Artist. I am also a Contributing Writer to Vivid Life.

Life has become a patchwork of creativity, inspiration, and Love.

I welcome you to my community!