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Liz Dawn welcomes founder Shayne Traviss to discuss How to Ignite an Inspirational Movement

Posted by in Arts & Entertainment, Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Personal Growth, Spirituality

Have you ever wondered how to ignite an inspirational global movement when you don’t know a soul and don’t have capitol to invest? Join host Liz Dawn as she speaks with inspirational shepherd and founder of one of...

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Posted by in •-Feature, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being

So my partner and I are beginning our liquid feast today, and ending on 4/20 (heh heh heeeeh). What the HECK is a liquid feast, one might inquire? We’re only gonna consume liquids for the next seven days; in...

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The Number One Thing to Look for in a Partner

Posted by in •-Feature, Family & Relationships, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth, Relationships

Are you prioritizing finding a partner who is sexy, smart, charismatic,...

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Why Can Love Be So Painful? 6 Ways To Heal & Move On!

Posted by in •-Feature, Family & Relationships, Health & Well-being, Meditation, Personal Growth, Spirituality

Love is painful because it creates the way for joy, for bliss, for compassion....

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Edie Weinstein welcomes Kimberly Monks and Colin Flegeal to speak about Heavenly Relationships on Earth

Posted by in Arts & Entertainment, Family & Relationships, Interviews, Its All About Relationships with Edie Weinstein, Meditation, Relationships, VividLife Radio Shows, Yoga

Edie Weinstein welcomes relationship and wellness experts Kimberly Monks and...

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Ed and Deb Shapiro welcome Arianna Huffington to discuss Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Going Out of Your Mind with Ed & Deb Shapiro, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth

Ed and Deb Shapiro welcome Arianna Huffington to talk about her...

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Don’t Sweat the Change: Never too “Old” to love yourself and learn to RECEIVE a little more

Posted by in •-Feature, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth

Loving oneself is not narcissistic, it’s imperative to love oneself in order...

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The Power of Solitude

Posted by in •-Feature, Meditation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual teachers, Spirituality

I went to the woods to be alone.  It was at the beginning of my spiritual...

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Improve Your Relationship with These Quick Tips

Posted by in •-Feature, Family & Relationships, Relationships

When a relationship hits a rocky patch, it can be difficult to decide what to...

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Live Life Like It Matters

Posted by in •-Feature, Family & Relationships, Gratitude, Health & Well-being, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Parenting, Personal Growth, Spirituality

At the grocery store yesterday, while buying some great ingredients for a...

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I never really knew what a miracle was.

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Books, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Prayer, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual teachers, Spirituality, Videos

I was interviewing my friend Gabrielle Bernstein for the Hay House New Year...

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