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Why Learning Confidence is Key to a Successful and Happy Life?

Posted by in •-Feature, Family & Relationships, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth, Relationships

Everyone wants to be different. Unique. We all want to believe that there is something about us that makes us stand out from others. And though we are all very similar in many ways, we are also individuals. Sure...

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3 Ancient Ayurvedic Rituals to Rock Your Mornings

Posted by in •-Feature, Health & Well-being, Natural Health

Beginning the day in an inspiring and invigorating way profoundly impacts your overall health. Ayurveda, the ancient art and science of life from India, recognizes the power and potential that early morning...

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Creating Healthy & Sustainable Relationships with Ambika Devi & Edie Weinstein

Posted by in Arts & Entertainment, Family & Relationships, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Its All About Relationships with Edie Weinstein, Personal Growth, Relationships, VividLife Radio Shows

Edie Weinstein and Ambika Devi as speak about The Irresistible Dance of...

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Posted by in •-Feature, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being, Natural Health

This is fast food, and it’s real good food too. If you’ve never...

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Horoscopes for the Week of March 30th

Posted by in •-Feature, Astrology, Spirituality

Here we go. Round two. Batter up. Bases loaded. Blood moon. Pink Moon. Egg...

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Being As Art

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Health & Well-being, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Poetry, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual teachers, Spirituality

What if we are being painted by the artist of time? BEING AS ART The pastels...

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EATING IN ALIGNMENT WITH OUR BODY with Donna Schwenk & Jay Forte

Posted by in Arts & Entertainment, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Living Life In Your Greatness Zone with Jay Fortne, Natural Health, VividLife Radio Shows

You can’t do good if you don’t feel well, and feeling well comes from what you...

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life with Dr. Joe Dispenza & Liz Dawn

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Metaphysical, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Spirituality, VividLife Radio Shows

Liz Dawn welcomes world renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C., from the award-winning...

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UNLEASHING YOUR CREATIVITY with Nick Seneca Jankel & Sandie Sedgbeer

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Conversation at the Cutting Edge with Sandie Sedgbeer, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Personal Growth, VividLife Radio Shows

Are you feeling stressed or stuck in your life?  Would you like to identify...

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‘She’s Beautiful’ charts a culture-changing movement

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Movies, Personal Growth

“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” (2014). Interview Footage: Alta, Chude...

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Oprah sits down with bestselling author Michael Pollan on ‘Super Soul Sunday’

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Natural Health, Personal Growth, TV, Videos

An all-new episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” Sunday March 29 11:00 a.m. ET/PT,...

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