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Liz Dawn & Spiritual Medium Lisa Williams, Communicating with Spirit

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn, Spiritual Guidance, Spirituality, VividLife Radio Shows

Have you ever wanted to talk with a departed loved one?  Are you curious about communicating with the spirit world? Host Liz Dawn will talk with internationally renowned spiritual medium, Lisa Williams, and share...

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Connecting with Spirituality

Posted by in •-Feature, Kabbalah, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual teachers, Spirituality

In this world, people are judged by race, money, status, religion, and a thousand other criteria that society imposes on us. As spiritual human beings, however, we need to push ourselves to have a different...

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Yoga Is A Terrific Time Management Tool. Here’s why….

Posted by in •-Feature, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth, Yoga

I love yoga. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I’m now joyously...

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Healing Trauma and Addiction with Ayurveda and Meditation

Posted by in •-Feature, Health & Well-being, Natural Health

Do you, or someone you love, suffer because of a past trauma or a current...

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glowing morning juice

Posted by in •-Feature, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being, Natural Health

Okay I seriously have no time to write this post right now so I’m gonna...

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Marlise Karlin & Dr. Shefali discuss Why Conscious Parenting Affects All of Us

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Connect with Marlise, Family & Relationships, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Parenting, Personal Growth

Dr. Shefali, author of The Conscious Parent reveals why her radical new...

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OWN Announces September Premiere of “SUPER SOUL SUNDAY

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Health & Well-being, Interviews, Mindfulness, Personal Growth, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual teachers, Spirituality, Super Soul Sunday, TV

Ali McGraw, Paulo Coelho, Madonna Badger and Others Sit Down with Oprah for...

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“Over the Hill” Redefined

Posted by in •-Feature, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth

It is considered the end. Or the beginning of the end. If you’ve hit a certain...

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Posted by in •-Feature, Food and Recipes, Health & Well-being

I made this pie for my aunt and uncle’s anniversary when my family and I...

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‘Lucy’ asks, ‘What are we doing with our lives?’

Posted by in •-Feature, Arts & Entertainment, Movies, Personal Growth

“Lucy” (2014). Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi, Amr...

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Mental Wellness Expert Courtney A. Walsh discusses Emotional Empowerment

Posted by in Arts & Entertainment, Health & Well-being, Its All About Relationships with Edie Weinstein

Join Edie Weinstein and her guest Courtney A. Walsh  as they explore the...

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